Warranty & returns

I have received an incorrect product. What can I do?

Before we deliver an order, we carry out a standard quality check on every outgoing order. This involves checking the articles and their numbers.

Should you still receive the wrong article, please feel free to contact us.
This can be done via the online ‘Contact form’.

My product is faulty/damaged, what can I do?

If your product does not work (any more) or is damaged, we recommend consulting our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for the article in question.

Should you not find an appropriate answer, you can always contact us.
This can be done via the online ‘Contact form’.

How much reflection time do I have on my order?

The cooling-off period is 14 calendar days from the date of delivery.
Within this 14-day period, you must report your return using the online contact form.

How long is the warranty on my product?
All our products are covered by a standard two-year warranty, starting from the purchase date. This purchase date can be found on your invoice.
How long is my warranty on a repaired product?
All repairs are covered by a three-month warranty, as long as the defect is the same and has not been caused by misuse.
How long does it take until I receive my product back after repair?
As standard, you may receive your product back within 4 weeks at the latest.
Of course, this period depends on several factors, such as the delivery time of necessary spare parts.
Naturally, we will inform you if the 4-week period is exceeded.