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Facila neXt


With the Facila neXt, Entrya introduces an innovative video intercom that lets you communicate even from a distance.

The Facila neXt guarantees ease of use and comfort.

Connect the Facila neXt to your wifi, install the app and communicate via your smartphone wherever you are. No new cables are required for installation. You easily connect the Facila neXt to the existing wiring of your doorbell.

The Facila neXt system is expandable
up to 32 indoor and 4 outdoor units.



The EntraHOME app lets you manage any access worldwide. A user-friendly and highly secure app thanks to encrypted communication. Open the right doors only for authorised people, and keep them closed for others. How? With EntraHOME! Choose who you grant or deny access to with the EntraHOME app on your smartphone.


<strong>With ENTRYA, your customers are always connected to their homes!</strong>

Are you ready to take your customers’ homes to the next level? Welcome to the world of access control, where advanced technology meets ease of use. Your customers see who is ringing the doorbell, even when they are not at home. Via their smartphone, they open the garage door or gate while talking to their visitors. A comfortable and also highly secure remote access!

Discover our innovative access control from ENTRYA and become the professional in your industry!

Offer your customers a residential experience that exceeds all their expectations.

Contact us for more info & advice and introduce your clients to the world of ENTRYA!



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