Facila neXt

With the Facila neXt, Entrya introduces an innovative video intercom that lets you communicate even from a distance.

The Facila neXt guarantees ease of use and comfort. Connect the Facila neXt to your wifi, install the app and communicate via your smartphone wherever you are.
No new cables are required for installation. You easily connect the Facila neXt to the existing wiring of your doorbell.

The Facila neXt system is expandable up to 32 indoor and 4 outdoor units.

Facila neXt outdoor stations

Personalised name plaque

The clean design of the Facila neXt outdoor station D21S is given an extra sophisticated look by the black personalised nameplate. Your name and house number engraved as transparent text on a black background clearly indicate who to reach. Both the entry of just one name for a residential property and multiple names for a flat are possible, with a maximum of 4 pushbuttons. The nameplate is UV-resistant, illuminated and guarantees permanently clear content.

Apartment building

Suitable for your apartment building
The ideal solution for your single-family home, home with practice space, townhouses with multiple entrances or smaller apartment buildings. The Facila neXt D21S and D21S/B are available from 1 to 4 pushbuttons. The Facila neXt system is expandable up to 32 indoor units in combination with up to 4 outdoor units.

Flush-mounted outdoor unit with code keypad

Video in-house telephone entry panel with stainless steel housing

The combination of just one call button and the code keyboard creates a sleek and elegant outdoor station. The pleasantly clear push buttons are effortless to operate. In addition, the buttons are illuminated so that you can ring the bell or enter your code without problems even in the dark.


Enter your number and ring the bell!
Combine the Facila neXt outdoor stations D22S or D22F with the ENTRYA nameplate for a clear overview of flat occupants. The aluminium nameplate with stainless steel look features a solid screened window.

Facila neXt indoor stations

Glass touchscreen

The touchscreen of the Facila neXt is made of glass. In doing so, we resolutely opt for quality. The use of glass results in a sleek, durable design. Moreover, it is maintenance-friendly because it does not attract dust and is much less susceptible to scratches.

Monitor with built-in Wi-Fi support

Remote control with Android/iOS app.
Easy installation and communication with the Facila neXt via your smartphone

Stay connected no matter where you are

At your workplace, in the office or at home: with the Facila neXt app, you are always connected to your home. You can easily access your Facila neXt system via your smartphone by installing the app and connecting
to the system. With the Facila neXt app on your smartphone, you can keep an eye on your garden or home from anywhere.

* The smartphone shown is for illustration purposes only and is not included in the Facila neXt purchase.




The Facila neXt app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Facila neXt app and devices only work in conjunction with ENTRYA’s Facila neXt range and are not compatible with ENTRYA’s Facila range. The smartphone shown is for illustration purposes only and is not included in the Facila neXt purchase.

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