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Connecting you with your home

ENTRYA offers communication and access solutions to connect you with your visitors. We offer high-quality technical installations, that offer real-time insights of who's in front of your door. No matter where you are, our apps connect you with your home and allow you to control your smart home with a touch on the buttons.

Our Products

Entrya Technologies produces and distributes innovative devices with a focus on usability and safety. Our range consists of videophony, keypads and home automation. Accessible products with a smooth operation and easy installation!

Video Intercom

Our professional solution focuses on comfort, with quick installations and easy-to-use interfaces. 

Smart Home Control

Grant remote access and control your devices worldwide. You decide who is allowed to enter and when!


Providing access through a personal number code offers more comfort and increased security.

About Entrya

Our mission is to connect you to your home, wherever you go. With software that allows you to control and access your smart home and videophone solutions to gain access to whoever is in front of your door, we ensure a safe home for you and your family. We create products that are easy-to-use so no tech-savviness is required and all apps can be found in the app store and operated with ease. Our innovative products are made with both our installers and users in mind. With easy wiring and set-up processes, you can start using your Entrya solution tomorrow. 

Personalised Service
Our professional team is always there for you and will work with you to find the desired solution.

High-Quality Solutions
Our appliances are developed according to the strict European standards and stand for optimal quality and functionality.

Easy to Install
Simple installation and ease of use make our products very accessible to all users.