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ENTRYA gives you a live view of who is at your door!

Wherever you are, the EntraHOME app connects you with your home, business, staff or holiday home! Via your smartphone you choose who grants or denies access. Operate your gate, fence or door remotely and feel safe!

Thanks to the high quality ENTRYA indoor and outdoor stations, you can communicate easily and clearly with each other and everyone can be reached!

ENTRYA bridges distances and brings people closer together!

Always connected

With the Facila neXt, Entrya introduces an innovative video intercom that allows you to communicate even from a distance.

The Facila neXt guarantees ease of use and comfort. Connect the Facila neXt to your wifi, install the app and communicate via your smartphone wherever you are. No new cables are needed for installation. The Facila neXt is easy to connect to the existing wiring of your doorbell.

The Facila neXt system is expandable up to 32 indoor and 4 outdoor units.

Smart home control

With the EntraHOME app, you can manage any access worldwide. A user-friendly and highly secure app thanks to encrypted communication. Open the right doors only to authorised people, and keep them closed to others. How to do this? With EntraHOME! Choose yourself who you grant or refuse access to with the EntraHOME-app on your smartphone.

Personalised Service
Our professional team is always there for you and will work with you to find the desired solution.

High-Quality Solutions
Our appliances are developed according to the strict European standards and stand for optimal quality and functionality.

Easy to Install
Simple installation and ease of use make our products very accessible to all users.

Our mission is to connect you to your home, wherever you go. With software that allows you to control and access your smart home and videophone solutions to gain access to whoever is in front of your door, we ensure a safe home for you and your family. We create products that are easy-to-use so no tech-savviness is required and all apps can be found in the app store and operated with ease. Our innovative products are made with both our installers and users in mind. With easy wiring and set-up processes, you can start using your Entrya solution tomorrow.